Our Residents

Current Residents 2017 Session One

The following visual artists, writers, composers, and interdisciplinary artists are scheduled to join us in the first half of 2017:

Aaron M. Brown (Visual Artist, Lawrence, KS), Masayoshi Ishikawa (Composer, St. Peter, MN), Dan Jian (Visual Artist, Columbus, OH), Parini Shroff (Writer, Los Altos, CA), Shenandoah Sowash (Writer, Washington DC), Adam Hill (Composer, Harrison Lake, BC, Canada), Megan Kruse (Writer, Olympia, WA), Katherine Bickmore (Visual Artist, Albany, NY), Emmanuel Iduma (Writer, New York, NY), Emily Strasser (Writer, Minneapolis, MN), Meredith Brammeier (Composer, San Luis Obispo, CA), Liz Gonzalez (Writer, Long Beach, CA), Betni Kalk (Visual Artist, Omaha, NE), Layla Luna (Visual Artist, Fort Worth, TX), Ellen Struve (Writer, Omaha, NE), Daniel Fishback (Interdisciplinary, Brooklyn, NY), Brian Andrew Coate (Visual artist, Lincoln, NE), Sasha Graybosch (Writer, Brooklyn, NY), Kirstin Lamb (Visual Artist, Providence, RI), Katharine Beutner (Writer, Honolulu, HI), Tony Solitro (Composer, Philadelphia, PA), Toby Kaufmann-Buhler (Visual Artist, Lafayette, IN), Corine Elysse Adams (Writer, Chicago, IL), Yukari Kaihori (Visual Artist, Wellington, New Zealand),Yaloo (Ji Yeon Lim) (Visual Artist, New York, NY),Rachel Peters (Composer, Brooklyn, NY), Jennifer Baker (Writing, Kew Gardens, NY), JunYi Chow (Composer, Astoria, NY), Julia Staples (Visual Artist, Philadelphia, PA), Jennifer Steil (Writer, Brussels, Belgium), Mary Hickman (Writer, Lincoln, NE), Matt Mason (Writer, Omaha, NE) Amanda Breitbach (Visual Artist, Lincoln, NE), Calvin Gimpelevich (Writer, Seattle, WA), David Gracie(Visual Artist, Lincoln, NE), Gabrielle Montesanti (Writer, Howell, MI), Mahwish Chishty (Interdisciplinary, Chicago, IL), Rebecca Macijeski (Writer, Lincoln, NE), Rachel Mindrup (Visual Artist, Lincoln, NE),Jonathan Russ (Composer, Brooklyn, NY)

Previous Residents 2016 Session Two

The following visual artists, writers, composers, and interdisciplinary artists are scheduled to join us in the second half of 2016:

Isaac Schankler (Composer, Los Angeles, CA), Ekaterina Vanovskaya (Visual Artist, Highlands, NJ), Rebecca Deutsch (Writer, San Francisco, CA), Erika Navarrete (Visual Artist, Evansville, IN), Erica Trabold (Writer, Philomath, OR), Amelia Salisbury (Visual Artist, Newport, VA), Jennifer Day (Visual Artist, Tucson, AZ), Linwood Rumney (Writer, Cincinnati, OH), Diana Behl (Visual Artist, Brookings, SD), Eliot Fischer (Interdisciplinary, Austin, TX), Novuyo Tshuma (Writer, Iowa City, IA), Todd Robinson (Writer, Omaha, NE), Meredith Lynn (Visual Artist, Terre Haute, IN), Maya Pindyck (Writer, Brooklyn, NY), Tanya Muzumdar (Writer, Harbor Springs, MI), Ella Weber (Visual Artist, Bennington, NE), Amber Eve Anderson (Interdisciplinary, Baltimore, MD), Blair Hurley (Writer, Chicago, IL), Court Lurie (Visual Artist, Austin, TX), Rachael Griffin (Visual Artist, Hilliard, OH), Lori Brack (Writer, Lindsborg, KS), Tara Gereaux (Writer, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada), Erin Jones (Writer, Lubbock, TX), Lara Palmquist (Writer, Faribault, MN), Tonia Ko (Composer, Ithaca, NY), Celine Lastenett (Visual Artist, Saint Pierre Roche, France),Andrea Burgay (Visual Artist, Brooklyn, NY), Stephanie Greene (Visual Artist, Brooklyn, NY), Barbara Dills (Writer, Carbondale, CO), Tristram Lansdowne (Providence, RI), Mariel Harari (Visual Artist, Brooklyn, NY), Petar Jovanov (Composer, Sydney, Australia), J.R. Dawson (Writer, Omaha, NE) Laura Spence-Ash (Writer, Princeton, NJ), Katherine Schafer (Writer, Minneapolis, MN), Amy Swartele (Visual Artist, Potsdam, NY), Nicole Maloof (Visual Artist, New York, NY), Gale Thompson (Writer, Simpsonville, SC), Kendall Johnson (Visual Artist, Haven, KS), Michael McCaffrey (Visual Artist, Lawrence, KS),Raul Palma (Writer, Lincoln, NE)

Past Residents

Since 2001, the residency has hosted more than 600 creative individuals, a varied combination of visual artists, writers, composers, and interdisciplinary artists from across the country and around the world. Each has found privacy in which to create along with ample opportunities to interact with fellow artists in a friendly community located in the rolling bluff country of southeastern Nebraska.

A number of these artists have chosen to donate to the permanent collection housed in the common areas of the Center. Works by previous visual art residents are on display throughout the halls while the books, manuscripts and musical recordings of former writers and composers are available for viewing and listening in the main gallery space. We also have a podcast series, In-Residence, featuring readings, interviews, and music all by our residents! You can subscribe to our podcast for free on iTunes




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