Current Exhibition

And Branching
Works on Paper by Diana Behl

Exhibition runs Monday, May 29- Thursday July 20, 2017
Gallery Reception: Thursday, July 20th, 5 to 7 p.m.

The title And Branching draws its name from a happenstance combination of collage elements, and refers to a generative method of working intrinsic in my work. I engage in various processes of inquiry using print media, drawing, collage, and installation. Images are prompted by a fusion of specific instances—memories of places visited, passages read, bits of everyday references, or interactions of material and form—both in and outside of the studio. Using these prompts, my practice then evolves around improvisation and material encounters uncovered while making, further enabling form to embody the evolution of that specific cue.

I question the balance—and precariousness—of intuitive and planned, generative and spontaneous, system and organic. At the core, I have a curiosity about material juxtaposition. I am interested in the position of chance versus control when developing, etching, or printing a matrix, or when exploring new relationships by combining disparate elements together from my accumulation of visual material. My images are built by more of these interactions entering into (and exiting) the picture plane through cutting, unfolding, and rearranging.

Diana Behl holds an MFA and MA in Printmaking from The University of Iowa, a BFA from Bowling Green State University, and is an Assistant Professor in the School of Design at South Dakota State University.

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